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Authentic French Souvenirs: Top 10 to Buy in France

October 23
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Explore the Captivating Beauty of France - Pictures of Famous Landmarks and Scenic Landscapes; authentic French souvenirs; travel guide to Grasse.
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    Elevate your French souvenir game with these authentic treasures. While the word “souvenir” is derived from French, meaning ‘to remember,’ don’t settle for the typical touristy trinkets. Explore local markets and shops to support artisans and bring home genuine French craftsmanship. Continue below to find my top 10 recommendations for authentic French souvenirs.


    France boasts a world-renowned reputation as a wine country, with regions like Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Loire Valley, and Provence producing some of the finest wines. From complex Bordeaux reds to delicate Champagne, the diversity is vast. Remember to leave room in your luggage for wine, and opt for true Champagne from the region where they exclusively produce it. Consider purchasing champagne because only a handful of wineries in the world are authorized to produce champagne and use that name. Otherwise, it will be labeled as sparkling wine, but it won’t be true champagne.


    France boasts a rich history of perfume-making, with iconic brands like Fragonard Perfume leading the way. Some shops maintain techniques dating back to the 18th century. If you’re in the South of France, don’t miss the chance to visit a perfume factory museum and delve into the fascinating world of perfume creation.


    Indulge in the iconic French macarons, delectable pastries originally crafted by Ladurée in Paris. While they may not last long, they bring the delightful flavors of France to your loved ones. These colorful and flavorful creations make for a vibrant and edible masterpiece.

    Lavender Products

    Embrace the essence of France with its iconic lavender fields and a myriad of lavender-infused products. Handmade items like lavender oil, candles, sachets, and soap are excellent choices, or opt for bunches of dried lavender for charming home decorations.

    authentic French souvenirs; what to buy in France


    France is a cheese paradise, offering a vast selection of some of the world’s finest cheeses. Visit delis and food markets where vacuum-sealed packaging makes it easy to take your favorite cheeses home. Recreate a memorable wine and cheese tasting experience at your convenience.

    French Couture

    As a fashion capital, France is home to iconic designers and high-end brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Yves Saint Laurent. If you’re shopping in Paris, take advantage of the EU VAT tax refund, saving you from import taxes, making luxury shopping an even more appealing experience.


    France is famous for producing high-quality and beautifully scented soaps. Home to brands like Savon de Marseille and Roger & Gallet, as well as countless small soap artisans, French soaps make excellent gifts due to their compact size, making them easy to pack and take home.


    French pottery shines in regions like Provence and Brittany, each boasting its own unique techniques and designs. If you find yourself in Provence, don’t miss the opportunity to visit charming pottery destinations like Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.


    These petite French butter cake cookies, originating in Lorraine, are found in nearly every store or bakery. Travelers, including backpackers, will appreciate that these delicious treats are TSA compliant, making them easy to carry back home.


    France has nurtured countless famous artists, and art is everywhere, from galleries to street painters capturing the essence of the country. Support local artists by purchasing an artwork that will forever remind you of your memorable French journey.

    In the realm of souvenirs, opt for authenticity when embracing the French spirit. These treasures carry the very essence of France and make for unforgettable mementos. So, remember, when it comes to souvenirs, choose authenticity—choose authentic French souvenirs.

    Planning a visit to France? Visit my complete travel guide!

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