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Authentic Lithuanian Souvenirs: Top 10 to Buy in Lithuania

July 23
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    The southern country of the Baltic States, Lithuania has daily local markets for tourists and locals to buy produce, decorations, and handmade gifts. During popular local holidays and the major holidays such as Christmas and Easter, it is common to see streets lined with holiday markets in the big cities. Resist the urge to settle for cheap souvenir knick knacks made in China, or the classic souvenirs shops on every corner. Instead, pop into these local markets or holidays markets to see what unique handmade gifts, products, and souvenirs you can find! If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, consider shopping in local stores, not chains, and support local businesses and artisans! Continue below to read my list of the top 10 authentic Lithuanian souvenirs to buy in Lithuania.

    Amber Jewlery & Products

    Probably one of the most popular souvenirs to bring back is anything containing amber since the Baltic States is home to amber. It is the most precious stone to Lithuania and very dear to locals. Amber comes in over 50 shades and sometimes contains insects that were caught in the tree resin centuries ago. The price will vary depending on the type of jewelry and the shade of amber. Make sure to receive a certificate of authenticity since there are a lot of people selling fake amber.

    Wool Products

    Wool products are popular in the Baltic States due to the harsh winters and cold weather. Locals will sell handmade wool mittens, gloves, blankets, and sweaters with different local patterns. The handmade products will cost more than the factory produced items, but they tend to last longer and are better quality.

    Apple Cheese

    No… it’s not REALLY cheese. It’s actually more of a fruit jerky made from apples, cloves, citrus, and sometimes rhubarb cut into cheese slices. This delicious treat is a local favorite and is very popular at local markets.


    Similar to Estonia and Latvia, traditional Lithuanian costumes are made from linen and are worn during holidays and traditional events or gatherings. Local shops will often sell linen blouses, and dresses for females with different floral patterns and shirts and pants for males with floral or geometric patterns. Similar to the wool products, the handmade garments will be more expensive than the factory produced.

    Lithuanian Mead

    A historical drink made from grain, honey, and water. However, Lithuanian mead is special because it is made using traditional techniques from centuries ago and is often combined with fruits or spices to give the mead a unique flavor. A fair warning, Lithuanian mead will range from 8%-25% so drink responsibly!


    Traditional Lithuanian cake that has spikes, making it resemble a Christmas tree. Originally, people served it exclusively during special holidays, but today, pastry shops offer it year-round. Legend has it that this pastry came about by accident during a cooking competition for the queen. A cook inadvertently spilled the dough onto a rotating spit over the fire, yet the queen was thrilled with the outcome. Since the 16th century, chefs have been preparing this pastry on a skewer over an open flame.

    Black Ceramics

    In Lithuania, geometric patterned ceramics are beloved, but the country’s true specialty is its ancient craft of black ceramics. Artisans give it a metallic sheen and sometimes add colored glaze before firing it in ancient kilns.

    Decorated Eggs

    With roots back to Baltic paganism, the Easter painted eggs are covered in different colors and geometric designs to bring protection and luck. Traditionally, the eggs would be displayed all year long in Lithuanian households and would represent their cultural heritage over generations.

    Wood Products

    Another souvenir popular in the Baltic States are wooden utensils and kitchenware. These items are handmade, even including a natural coating made to protect the wood. This souvenir is great for practical use or just for decorations.

    Wrist Warmers

    Lithuanian folk art offers a distinctive souvenir – beaded wrist warmers, perfect for staying cozy during the cold months. Typically, artisans knit these wristbands, making them stretchy to accommodate various wrist sizes. The style is to wear them under a long sleeved shirt or jacket and have the wrist warmers slightly showing by the hands.

    These are the top 10 authentic Lithuanian souvenirs to buy in Lithuania. From intricately woven textiles to exquisite amber jewelry, these souvenirs not only make for memorable keepsakes but also offer a glimpse into Lithuania’s vibrant heritage. As you travel through this Baltic gem, don’t miss the opportunity to bring home a piece of its cultural tapestry. Whether it’s a handcrafted item or a piece of amber, these souvenirs will forever remind you of the beauty and charm of Lithuania.

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