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Best Cafes in Long Island- Top 5

October 23
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best cafes in Long Island; where to get coffee in Long Island
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    As a passionate coffee lover, I’m always eager to explore local cafes. Beyond the usual Starbucks and Dunkin’, I prefer to support local businesses. During my university days, friends introduced me to some fantastic local coffee spots, inspiring this article. Enjoy an array of coffee options, whether you’re a student, local, or tourist. Each cafe has its own style and set-up, making each location unique! With each coffee shop, I share my experiences in the cafes, their setup, tips, and my favorite coffee! I hope you enjoy this coffee guide to my top 5 cafes in Long Island.

    best cafes in Long Island; where to get coffee in Long Island

    Crazy Beans


    This was the first Stony Brook coffee shop I attended with my friends and family, and has since become a tradition. Located in the Stony Brook Village, Crazy Beans is a cute coffee with a retro-style design flaunting its season/holiday flavored coffees and designs both available in hot and cold. The cafe offers a unique menu featuring holiday dishes such as my favorite, sugar cookie pancakes! 

    Crazy Beans is a local favorite spot and is always busy, so make sure you come early or be prepared to wait around 30 minutes for a table. The cafe does offer to-go ordering and takes walk-in coffee shop orders. 

    Tip: Make sure to check out the “Specials” menu for the holiday dishes and latte specials! 

    Favorite Drink: The Iced Sleepy Hollow (during the fall season)

    Favorite Dish: Pancake Quesadilla

    Toast Coffee House


    A local’s favorite, Toast Coffee House is a local chain with a cafe located in the heart of Port Jeff, a two-minute drive from the ferry! This cafe is a cozy-hipster feel featuring new local art on the walls every month! If you find a piece you enjoy while sipping your coffee, don’t hesitate to ask for the artist’s information because the pieces are for purchase, so you can take a local piece of Stony Brook back home with you. Toast Coffee House is one of my favorites because of the atmosphere, the friendly staff, and because they offer both caffeinated coffee and decaf espresso which is perfect for those looking for a break from caffeine but still want the elaborate coffee 🙂 This cafe is a sit-in cafe, with both indoor and outdoor seating, and is available for to-go orders. If you’re visiting on the weekend, be prepared for a short wait for a table. 

    Tip: Try their decaf espresso specials!

    Favorite Drink: Iced Birthday Cake Cappuccino 

    Favorite Dish: Ranchero Quesadilla

    Soul Brew


    If you’re looking for that LA, west coast vibe then Soul Brew is the perfect match for you! A hipster’s paradise, Soul Brew is covered in murals and local art offering coffee bar sitting, lounge seating, and regular table seating. It’s common to find fellow coffee lovers sitting at the edges of the coffee bar studying or working online while sipping their coffee! Soul brew offers both hot and iced coffees, and serves food and takes to-go orders. This cafe is located in St. James, a quick 7 minute drive from the Stony Brook area, but it is worth the short drive!

    Tip: Be prepared to wait outside if there’s a line. There’s not much space inside to wait. 

    Favorite Drink: Hot Caramel Latte

    Favorite Dish: Let’s Brie Thankful

    Brownstones Coffee


    One of my more recent discoveries, Brownstones Coffee is a hidden gem located right outside of Stony Brook in the Centereach area. Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, the cafe is a sunlight, open space for eating and drinking coffee with friends. The staff is extremely friendly and quick with bringing your food. 

    Tip: The cafe is a little hidden, so look for a brown building and then pull around the building to find the parking lot. 

    Favorite Drink: Cinnamon Dolce Latte

    Favorite Dish: Avocado BLT Benedict

    Coffee Booths


    Located a short drive outside of the Stony Brook area, Coffee Booths is a small cafe that you won’t forget. This cafe was another recent discovery of mine, the cafe is in a small yellow-ish building on the corner across from the Selden Plaza. Offering new coffee specials almost every week, Coffee Booths will help you broaden your coffee pallet with their unique flavors. One of my favorite surprises was their pasta straws and small spoons that come with your coffee! I had never seen a pasta straw before in my coffee, it was a fun twist! The cafe does offer a few pastry and breakfast sandwiches, but mostly focus on their coffee 🙂 Make sure to pick up a coffee punch card to eventually receive a free coffee!

    Tip: The cafe is CASH ONLY!

    Favorite Drink: Cinnamon Apple Crumb Latte

    In the diverse landscape of Long Island, where charming towns meet beautiful beaches, the cafe culture thrives. From cozy corners to bustling seaside spots, the top five cafes in Long Island offer more than just coffee; they provide a warm embrace and a taste of local flavor. Whether you’re a Long Island local or a visitor exploring this delightful island, these cafes beckon with their unique charms. So, next time you find yourself on Long Island, make sure to savor a cup of your favorite brew and perhaps discover a new one at these exceptional cafes that are considered a few of the best cafes in Long Island.

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