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Feed the Tarpon at Robbie’s Marina of Islamorada

July 23
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    Home of the famous tarpon-feeding sight, Robbie’s Marina of Islamorada is a MUST stop in the Florida Keys! Not only does Robbie’s have tarpon feeding and amazing food, but it also offers water sport rentals, and is surrounded by local shops for all of your souvenir needs. When I was planning my Florida Keys trip with my mom, we kept hearing about Robbie’s from friends and websites. So we made this one of our first stops on our trip. Get ready to visit the Florida Keys and to feed the tarpon at Robbie’s!

    What to Expect

    The restaurant features a tiki bar style, with half covered and the other half open to the sun and water. Upon entering, one-dollar bills cover every surface, each inscribed with names, countries, and memories of visitors to Robbie’s. It was so cool!

    Matching the popularity of the parking lot, the restaurant was packed! We expected a wait for seating but were pleasantly surprised to be seated immediately, lucky to have a table by the water with a view of the tarpon-feeding area. Our lunch was accompanied by entertaining scenes of waves, tarpon feeding, and amusing encounters with pelicans. It was fascinating observing staff efforts to keep pelicans away and witnessing people’s reactions to these unexpected visitors.

    Feeding the Tarpon

    Each person has to pay around five dollars in order to be allowed on the dock regardless if they are feeding the tarpon or not. Then to purchase the fish to feed the tarpon, each bucket is an additional seven dollars. Depending on your group’s size, it can get a little pricey but it is totally worth it! In each bucket is a good number of feeding fish, so my mom and I shared one bucket and we had plenty of fish to share when feeding the tarpon.

    The tarpon feeding areas are covered with nets in order to keep the pelicans out as much as possible. However, that doesn’t stop visitors from entering from underneath the dock. While people were feeding the tarpon in one area, a pelican snuck under the dock into the one feeding area and began stealing the fish from people. Shortly after the pelican entered a feeding area, another unexpected visitor entered the playing field… A MANATEE!

    Feed the Tarpon at Robbie's

    How to Feed the Tarpon

    In order to feed the tarpon, you must get low on the dock. Kneel or lay on the dock to reach through the net hole for the tarpon. Be cautious with items, as they might fall into the water. Hold a feeding fish between your fingers and lower it near the water. Get as close to the water as possible and hold the fish until a tarpon jumps up and grabs it. Then, voila! You have successfully fed a tarpon!

    After feeding the tarpon, we returned the bucket, washed our hands, and explored the souvenirs. With a long drive ahead, we did not rent out any water sports. We returned back to our car and continued on the rest of our drive to Key West. Robbie’s Marina has jet skis, parasailing, snorkeling, and much more available for rent and booking.

    The experience of feeding the tarpon at Robbie’s is more than just a thrilling encounter with these majestic fish. It’s a memory-making adventure, an opportunity to connect with nature, and a unique highlight in the heart of Florida’s Keys. Feed the tarpon at Robbie’s and immerse yourself in the joy of this extraordinary experience that lingers in your memories long after the day is done. If you are looking for a great place to eat and/or for a fun adventure, Robbie’s Marina of Islamorada is the place to go!

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