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LuminoCity Light Festival: Immerse Yourself in the Holiday Spirit

July 23
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    The holidays are a time for family and friends to come together and to celebrate! Last winter, I had the opportunity to attend the LuminoCity Light Festival located on Randall’s Island in NYC! Combining history, sculpture, and light, the LuminoCity Light Festival helps make imagination come to life! I have seen many different themed holiday light shows, but I had NEVER before seen an exhibit like this.

    The lights were not your typical holiday-themed lights but built into metal and lantern structures with animation. They were separated into different themes and took people through different stories as if you were visiting different worlds. There was an ice kingdom, a bamboo forest, candy land, and so many more, each consisting of its’ unique interactive element. This festival puts on live performances, brings food trucks and local food and craft vendors, in one spot, and combines them with a world of light across many different themed realms. All of these components makes the LuminoCity Light Festival a MUST visit when it comes to the holiday season!

    Continue below to learn how to maximize your visit to the LuminoCity Light Festival and get into the holiday spirit:

    Where to Purchase Tickets

    When I attended the festival, I had purchased my ticket in advance and had driven to the event, having no problem finding parking. However, I do suggest purchasing your ticket(s) ahead of time, because the festival sells out many nights and I did see people getting turned away when trying to purchase tickets at the door. When purchasing your ticket(s), take note of the calendar for the event. LuminoCity offers special themed nights and the activities on different days throughout the week! Avoid the disappoint and purchase ahead!

    What to Expect

    The festival provides various transportation options due to its size. Limited parking is available, so arriving early is advised. Finding a parking spot is likely with the continuous flow of people. Shuttle tickets can also be purchased with designated pickup points in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. These shuttle buses run every 30 minutes and the tickets can be purchased when you order ahead of time.

    After arriving at the festival, there were many signs to guide me from the parking lot and to the front entrance of the event. Once near the main entrance, the mob of people is fed into various lines to scan tickets. After your ticket is scanned, then you’re able to enter into the festival and begin your adventure! Below is a map with the designed layout from when I attended the festival.

    At LuminoCity, despite the crowd, we had minimal wait times for photos with sculptures. The Holiday Market had a capacity limit, leading to a brief wait. Food trucks and dinosaur rides were located at the back, allowing token purchases for a dinosaur ride. My friend and I ended up joining the younger children and racing on the dinosaurs. In total, we spent about 2 hours including walking around the festival, and watching a few live performances.

    LuminoCity Light Festival

    As the curtain falls on the LuminoCity Light Festival, the memories of dazzling lights, captivating art, and the joyous spirit linger. This enchanting festival has once again transformed ordinary nights into a spectacular canvas of luminescence. Until next year, when the cityscape will be painted anew, let the radiant memories of LuminoCity Light Festival continue to brighten your heart and inspire your imagination. For more information, please visit their main website!

    Get into the holiday spirit:

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