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Top 10 Authentic Danish Souvenirs to Buy in Denmark

July 23
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    You have officially made it to Denmark and are traveling on your adventure! Great! Now is the next decision, how will you remember it? Everywhere you look, you’ll find typical tourist souvenir shops stocking items that aren’t necessarily Danish or produced in Denmark. Typical tourist souvenirs can be a great gift and memory but if you’re looking for authentic Danish souvenirs, look no further! While I was visiting Copenhagen, I asked a few locals and tour guides for their suggestions of Danish souvenirs. Below are their top 10 recommendations for authentic Danish souvenirs to buy while visiting Denmark.

    Royal Copenhagen Porcelain

    Royal Copenhagen, dating back to 1775, enjoys widespread recognition in Denmark. While it may be one of the pricier authentic souvenirs, its value is justified by the meticulous hand-painting of all their porcelain, which has now become highly sought-after collector’s pieces.

    Viking Jewelry

    A large part of Scandinavia history, jewelry was a large part of Viking culture. Many museums display authentic Viking jewelry and sell replicas or Viking-inspired jewelry in their shops.

    Gingerbread and Butter Cookies

    Both are traditional cookies for Denmark with an established history dating back to the 1400s. Be sure to check out Brunkager, Danish gingerbread cookies, and Royal Dansk butter cookies.

    What to Buy in Denmark | Danish Christmas Markets

    Leather & Fur Products

    Denmark has a large fashion-focus with top-name designer stores selling many handmade leather products such as bags, wallets, gloves, etc. During the winter and the Christmas markets, many locals sell leather products and different fur products to keep you warm in the winter such as gloves, hats, coats, etc. All are made with care and are high quality.


    Denmark is filled with art galleries displaying local art for sale, made with different mediums. If you’re visiting in the spring and summer, be sure to check the local markets which is where a lot of artists hang out with their works.

    Wood Carvings

    Especially popular during the Christmas market season, you can find multiple vendors selling a variety of products from miniature wood carvings of statues to patterns carved in kitchen spoons.

    Jule Nisser

    The Danish tradition of the American Elf on the Shelf, and were believed to be protectors of houses and farms and help assist with chores. During the Christmas season, they may play innocent tricks on the children up until Christmas Day.

    Hygge Apparel

    A little more touristy but one that is less tourist-shamed. After all, it is a word that can’t be directly translated into any other language. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a new comfy sweatshirt?

    What to Buy in Denmark

    Danish Candies and Chocolates

    The Danes have a known sweet tooth and sell many different brands. They have a particular specialization with licorice and include it in a variety of sweets, drinks, and products. Any candy is always a great gift to bring back for family, friends, and colleagues.

    Gifts from Freetown Christiania

    Christiana is a free-spirit area of Copenhagen with a unique history. The local businesses of this autonomous district sell a variety of organic and recycled products, handmade gifts, and items specific to Freetown Christiania.

    When you seek to commemorate your Danish adventure, these top 10 authentic Danish souvenirs to buy in Denmark offer a lasting connection to the country’s rich culture and heritage. Make your memories tangible with these cherished keepsakes. Planning a visit to Denmark? Check out my complete travel guide here.

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