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Top 10 Authentic Latvian Souvenirs to Buy in Latvia

July 23
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Top 10 Authentic Latvian Souvenirs to Buy in Latvia
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    A souvenir is so much more memorable when it is authentic and has a story behind it. Don’t just pop into the typical tourist shops that are located everywhere. Sure, it may be easier to shop and cheaper but the majority of the time the knickknacks are made in China and are mass produced. Instead, shop at local businesses and markets that sell one of a kind traditional handicrafts! Read below to find out my top 10 authentic Latvian souvenirs to buy in Latvia.

    Black Balsam

    A bitter dark liquor made in oak barrels. It was first created in 1752 by the pharmacist Abraham Kunze with the intention of being a restorative tonic. A total of 24 berries, roots, herbs, flowers, and essential oils go into every liquor bottle.


    Known as “Baltic Gold,” this stone forms from fossilized tree sap and comes in 250 different shades. While amber is available for purchase worldwide, it holds special significance as it is native to the Baltic States. Notably, Riga boasts its own Amber Room, adorned with amber and silver. Depending on the shade of the amber, age, and type of jewelry, amber can cost from $5 to $1,000 and higher.


    A popular fabric in Latvia due to the cold weather of the country. You can purchase sweaters, mittens, socks, and blankets with different geometric patterns. Handmade products tend to be more expensive than the factory produced ones, but they’re usually higher quality and are one of a kind.


    Similar to Estonia and Latvia, traditional Lithuanian costumes are made from linen and are worn during holidays and traditional events or gatherings. Local shops will often sell linen blouses, and dresses for females with different floral patterns and shirts and pants for males with floral or geometric patterns. Similar to the wool products, the handmade garments will be more expensive than the factory produced.

    Pampalu Pots

    Pottery has been in Latvia since 10th century AD. These pots are made from pea bog plant roots and are designed in different shapes and colors depending on the region of Latvia. They make for great use in the kitchen or for decoration.

    Lielvārde Belt

    Artisans craft this traditional Latvian costume belt from linen and woolen yarn. The intricate patterns within it are thought to encode information about cosmic genesis and may narrate the story of the universe. Furthermore, it is believed to offer protection to the wearer.

    Latvian Belt

    The 3 main breweries are Aldaris, Lacplesis, and Cesu, but there are several brands to buy. The most popular options are a pale lager or a darker brew similar to a dunkel. Some stores make it possible mix and match, making a great present for friends, family, or colleagues.

    Silver Jewelry

    It is believed that if you return to Latvia, you should buy a silver ring for good luck. There are several traditional rings such as namejs, a wrapped rope design, and seven day rings. The legend of the seven day ring is that a woman had 7 admirers and had a jeweler make a ring with the name of each one. The one that fell off first was meant to be her betrothed.

    Sun Shaped Gifts

    In Latvian mythology, people believe in a female deity named Saule, who brings welfare and regeneration to the Earth’s inhabitants. Additionally, there exists a Riga Sun Museum that focuses on the various folk songs, tales, and beliefs linked to the sun. The museum encourages visitors to create their own sun symbols, which serve as excellent souvenirs to take home.

    Leather Gifts

    Craftsmen commonly use leather to create items such as wallets, belts, purses, notebooks, and photo albums. You can find these souvenirs primarily in Riga’s Old Town, near St. Peter’s Church and Livu Square. One of the most well-known shops is the Black Cat Souvenir Shop, inspired by the legend of Riga’s black cat.

    As your Latvian adventure comes to an end, don’t forget to take a piece of this captivating country with you. Our list of the top 10 authentic Latvian souvenirs to buy in Latvia ensures that you can savor the memories long after your journey concludes. From intricately crafted textiles to charming wooden creations, these souvenirs embody the essence of Latvia’s rich cultural heritage. So, go ahead, explore the local markets, and treasure these authentic mementos as reminders of your unforgettable Latvian experience.

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