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Authentic Polish Souvenirs: Top 10 to Buy in Poland

September 23
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Captivating images showcasing the beauty and diversity of Poland, from stunning landscapes to historic landmarks, providing a visual journey through this enchanting country.
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    A large country in Eastern Europe that has so much to offer for souvenirs ranging from niche city-specific produced foods, crafts, and products to souvenirs that are generally available throughout the country. You could easily fill up multiple suitcases with purchases from all the local stores and pop-up markets. However, that can be impractical and expensive. But don’t you go running to the produced in China souvenir shops! From unique amber jewelry to traditional embroidered linen products, here is a curated list of the top 10 authentic Polish souvenirs you shouldn’t miss on your visit to this fascinating country.

    Amber Jewelry & Products

    Poland is famous for its amber, fossilized tree resin that has been in the Baltic Sea for millions of years. Cities like Gdańsk, Krakow, and Warsaw are on the ancient amber road. Amber comes in over 50 shades and sometimes contains ancient insects trapped within. Be sure to get a certificate of authenticity to avoid fake amber.

    Embroidered Linen Products

    Brighten up your home with hand-embroidered tablecloths, runners, and hand towels featuring traditional Polish folk patterns. Remember to hand wash these delicate items, avoid the dryer, and iron them while damp to preserve the embroidery.

    Bolesławiec Pottery

    Hand-painted or stamped pottery from Lower Silesia is a delightful Polish souvenir. You can find larger sets online, but visiting the factory store in person may lead to great bargains.

    Exquisite Amber Jewelry, a Piece of Poland's History

    Polish Vodka

    No visit to Poland is complete without trying its vodka. The debate over vodka’s origin between Poland and Russia has raged for centuries. Poland offers a variety of pure vodkas and flavored versions, resembling liqueurs. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste Gdańsk’s famous gold-flaked vodka. If you’re visiting Krakow, be sure to check out my self-guided vodka tour here.


    Toruń, a city in Poland, is renowned for its unique gingerbread. Known as “pierniki Toruńskie,” this gingerbread follows a traditional recipe passed down through generations, preserving Polish tradition.

    Wooden Carvings

    Traditional handcrafted wooden figurines, sculptures, jewelry boxes, and religious icons showcase distinct Polish patterns from various regions of the country.


    Hand-painted eggs, often associated with Christmas and Easter, symbolizing death and rebirth. Some pisanki date back to the 10th century and can be found in local stores and during holiday markets.

    Folk Costumes

    Traditional Polish male and female outfits worn during holidays and special occasions. Each region boasts its own costumes, colors, and patterns that reflect its heritage.

    Authentic Polish Vodka, a Must-Try Souvenir

    Felt Products

    Felt, introduced to Poland during the Middle Ages, remains a popular fabric. Handmade felt products like clothing, hats, and slippers can be purchased at local markets and stores.


    This Polish sausage, made primarily from ground pork mixed with herbs and spices, is a personal favorite. Varieties include turkey, veal, lamb, and chicken. Smoked and vacuum-sealed options are perfect for easy transport.

    As you explore the diverse and culturally rich landscapes of Poland, make sure to bring back these authentic Polish souvenirs to remind you of your unforgettable journey.

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