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Authentic Romanian Souvenirs: Top 10 to Buy in Romania

July 23
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    Romania is famous for its pop-up markets and weekly central markets where locals purchase fruits, vegetables, and household products. However, did you know that these markets are also where local artisans come to sell their handmade products to tourists and locals? Avoid the temptation to do all your souvenir shopping at typical tourist stores that sell mass-produced products from China. You can get those products anywhere. Instead, visit the central markets and local businesses to get one-of-a-kind products to bring back for yourself, family, friends, and coworkers to share about your journey to Romania. Read on to learn my recommendations of authentic Romanian souvenirs to buy in Romania!


    If you happen to be visiting Romania around March, you will see red and white colored pins for sale with different designs. Every year on March 1st, Romanians celebrate the beginning of spring with Martisor. The tradition is for boys and men to bring their female friends, colleagues, and family members a Martisor. The weather on the day the female takes the pin off, will determine the luckiness of her year. She is also supposed to pin it to a tree and make a wish!

    Hand Painted Easter Eggs

    Despite the name suggesting availability of this souvenir during the Easter holiday, these beautifully painted eggs are available all year round in different sizes and patterns. Depending on the complexity of design and size of the egg, the eggs will be at a variety of prices.

    Beaded Jewelry

    This is one of the more popular gifts that you can easily find anywhere. Some bracelets and necklaces feature precious stones or consist of hundreds of beaded strings woven together to create intricate patterns. While these necklaces and bracelets are typically reserved for weddings and Christenings, you’re welcome to wear them throughout the year.

    Hand Painted Ceramics and Pottery

    The most popular ceramics come from a small city called Horezu, located near Ramnicu Valcea. In the past, community members would gather to paint motifs onto pottery intended for cooking. Nowadays, these gifts are primarily used for decoration.

    Romanian Tuica and Palinca

    Tuica is the famous Romanian plum brandy and Palinca is the popular fruit brandy. Locals will often make their own and give it as a present to family and friends. Consider purchasing tuica or palinca if you’re looking for an authentic gift to share when you return home. Note that these drinks are very strong and are drunk in small sips from shot glasses.

    Authentic Romanian souvenirs


    Traditional shoes made from leather, dating back to 4,000 years ago. Peasants used to wear them year round, but now they tend to only be worn by people in the countryside. Today, locals will host workshops to share the shoe-making process to keep the tradition alive.

    Romanian Blouse

    Women wear a hand-sewn and embroidered linen blouse. These shirts often pass down through generations and were once exclusively reserved for holidays and special occasions. However, locals now wear them during workdays, and they are gaining popularity. These blouses are available at various price points, with factory-produced options being more affordable, while handmade ones, although pricier, are more durable.

    Romanian Folk Masks

    These masks represent real or imaginary animals or characters for a few rituals and dances that are often performed in the winter time. If you’re visiting Romania around Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you may be able to catch a performance of this UNESCO World Heritage Experience. It is believed that these songs will bring good luck, wealth, and a bountiful harvest in the warm months.

    Embroidered Vests

    A traditional vest worn by men and women at weddings, holidays, and Christenings. These vests are part of the traditional Romanian costume and are often made from leather and wool. This gift is wearable and is also a piece of art since each vest has an embroidered design.


    A popular musical instrument made of 20 bamboo or reed pipes. The instrument has been growing in popularity recently from the famous singer Gheorhe Zamfir. He plays the instrument in his most famous song, “The Lonely Shepherd.”

    Embrace the true spirit of Romania with these authentic Romanian souvenirs. Each item holds the essence of Romania’s unique culture and artistry, allowing you to carry a piece of this enchanting country wherever you go. From traditional textiles to handcrafted ceramics and delectable treats, these souvenirs offer a genuine connection to Romania’s rich history. As you explore Romania, don’t forget to explore its authentic treasures and take home a piece of this remarkable nation to cherish for years to come.

    Planning a visit to Romania? Check out my complete travel guide!

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