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Water Lantern Festival: Enjoy Magical Floating Water Lights

July 23
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    Experience a magical evening with family and friends at the Water Lantern Festival! It’s the water version of the Disney movie “Tangled”’s floating lantern scene. Bring your family and friends to enjoy this peaceful environment, filled with food, music, families, and to create their own lanterns with their own meaning.

    Celebrate life and enjoy each others’ company while watching the lake light up with lanterns!

    Where to Purchase Tickets

    The festival offers different prices for tickets, starting at $25, depending on how far in advance you purchase tickets, the earlier you purchase, the cheaper they are! So I suggest purchasing ahead of time to save the most money! In addition to saving money, you will also secure your spot at the event so you’re not turned away at the door. Due to the high-interest event, many nights sell out far in advance.

    What’s Included In Your Ticket:

    • A wristband for entry
    • A floating lantern kit
    • A LED light for your lantern
    • A marker
    • The festival’s themed drawstring bag!
    • Part of the price supports cleaning the event’s water area and lantern debris afterward.

    What to Expect

    The Water Lantern Festival travels globally, uniting people to celebrate the human spirit. Families and friends gather to craft and float lanterns, accompanied by music and scenic views. Visitors often bring chairs, blankets, and food for a personalized experience. Food trucks provide snacks while you design lanterns. Make sure to get there early because the lines for the food trucks get very long!

    When you first enter the festival, be sure to check in right away to receive the event’s itinerary and your ticket package. The check-in lines tend to get really long and you want to make sure that you have as much time as needed to create your water lanterns, as well as to feel no rush in enjoying the atmosphere. I enjoyed walking around the park to look at people’s lantern designs. Some people create really fancy creations, others pour their hearts out onto their lanterns and it was beautiful!

    At the end of the night, comes the time to start placing the lanterns into the water. In order to control the crowd of people, to give everyone enough time to place their lanterns and take photos, as well as for safety purposes, the event splits everyone into different waves that are called at different items to the water. When your wave number is called, you can proceed to the designated launch area, where you can slide your lanterns down a miniature slide and into the water. This is the perfect time to take a bunch of photos and videos of you launching your water lantern, as well as to take artsy photos of the hundreds of lanterns out on the water!

    You’re able to stay and enjoy the magical atmosphere until the last wave for lantern launching is over. I hope you enjoy the floating water lights! Be sure to visit the official website to see when the festival is near you!

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