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Authentic Cypriot Souvenirs: Top 10 to Buy in Cyprus

June 23
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    Skip the traditional tourist shops filled with items made in China! Instead, pay a little extra and treat yourself to authentic Cypriot souvenirs to commemorate your visit, while also supporting local businesses.

    Traditional Cypriot souvenirs include famous handicrafts like embroidery and delectable foods influenced by both Greek and Turkish traditions. Be sure to check your country’s custom’s guidelines for bringing back goods before making any food-related purchases. Bonus tip: look for the airplane logo on the outside packaging of flight-approved goods for your carry on luggage.

    Below are my top 10 recommendations for authentic Cypriot souvenirs to purchase while visiting Cyprus:

    Traditional Lace

    Lefkaritika is a traditional lace crafted by just 8 women in Lefkara village, a UNESCO World Heritage site, using the original weaving technique. Another traditional lace is called Omodos, which is made by their traditional “knot-to-knot” technique.


    Biochrome pottery is one of the most popular designs dating back to the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age. This pottery features two black lines bordering a red line in the middle, adorned with floral or geometric designs.


    Attention jewelry enthusiasts! Cyprus is dotted with jewelry shops featuring unique, handmade designs or replicas of historical pieces from the country’s museums. Notably, the residents of Lefkara have crafted filigree silver jewelry for over 500 years, making it a distinctive and memorable gift.

    In Larnaca, don’t miss Everyday is a Gift Cyprus, my top choice for unique jewelry and artistic souvenirs. It’s where I did most of my shopping, as the items are handmade by local art students, who receive a portion of the sales to support their education and galleries. Additionally, I had the pleasure to meet with the store’s owners who were extremely lovely. I highly recommend giving their store a visit during your time in Larnaca!

    Carob Products

    The locals refer to it as “black gold,” the carob tree, an evergreen in the pea family cultivated since ancient times. From jewelry and food to beauty products, a variety of items are crafted from the carob tree. Recognized for its preventative and immunomodulatory effects, carob products are deemed beneficial for individuals with allergies or diabetes.

    Halloumi Cheese

    The famous Cypriot cheese originates from Cyprus. This cheese is made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk and is marinated with mint. Halloumi does not melt at high temperatures, making it perfect to grill for meze.

    Authentic Cypriot Souvenirs

    Olive Oil and Olives

    Centuries of olive oil production have shaped Cyprus into one of the top 20 countries cultivating olive trees, boasting over 2.5 million of these trees. The renowned koroneiki olive, available stuffed, whole, or sliced, stands out as the most famous olive variety grown in Cyprus today.

    Icons and Religious Items

    Commemorate your visit to the many orthodox churches in Cyprus, and carry a piece of Cyprus’s rich spiritual history with you. In churches, you can purchase handmade religious jewelry, hand painted icons, candle holders, crosses, and more.


    Try a taste and buy from around 10 types of honey with a variety of flavor combinations, shades of amber, and crystallization. The most expensive honey on the island is the dark amber-colored thyme honey. I am not a honey person, but when I say that I walked out with several jars of honey that means it was REALLY good!

    Copper Art

    Legend credits Hephaestus, the exiled god from Olympus, with introducing metalworking to Cyprus in the village of Troulloi. Explore the abandoned copper mines in Mathiatis, Sia, and Varvara villages to find and purchase exquisite handmade copper products.

    Commandaria Wine

    People originally used this amber-colored, very sweet, and strong dessert wine for communion during ancient times. Local producers in the Troödos Mountains craft this wine from sun-dried grapes, specifically the varieties Xynisteri and Mavr.

    Exploring authentic Cypriot souvenirs adds a touch of local culture to your journey. From traditional crafts to genuine local products, these souvenirs are not just keepsakes but tangible memories of your Cyprus adventure. Choose with care, and let the authenticity of these treasures narrate the story of your memorable trip.

    Interested in traveling to Larnaca? Check out my complete Travel Guide to Larnaca, Cyprus and Where to Eat in Larnaca!

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