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A country with beautiful mountain views, traditional roots, a plethora of museums and art galleries, and was the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula; Explore more in this travel guide to Romania.

travel guide to Romania
map of Romania


Located in Eastern Europe, Romania is proud of its culture and country which is displayed through the variety of festivals, music, and events held throughout the year. Each season, offers something unique and memorable for your adventure.

Use this travel guide to Romania to help plan your trip!


What to Expect in Romania


Romanian is the official language, however English is growing in presence throughout the region with Bucharest and Iasi having the most English speakers. If you would like to venture beyond the common tourist villages, it will be beneficial to know some basic phrases in Romanian or have access to a translator.


The official currency used in Romania Lei.


Type C and F


axis, the Metro, the bus, walking, cable cars, Lime/Bolt scooters, and Uber, are all available to help you get around the cities and your destinations.


As a solo female traveler, I felt relatively safe walking around the main cities and smaller villages by myself throughout the day. In the main cities, the sidewalks are well maintained and lit and people can be found out late into the evening. Be aware that there are Romanians and Roma population that will sometimes come up and ask for money.

travel guide to Romania

My Favorite Memories

travel guide to Romania

Celebrating Halloween at Bran's Castle in Transylvania with my colleagues. Here, we met people from around the world!

travel guide to Romania

Catching a glimpse of a bear up close while traveling on the Transfăgărășan road, winding through the mountains.

travel guide to Romania

Successfully ordering and navigating around in Romanian, putting my language skills to the test.

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