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Best Coffee Spots in Riga: Explore Riga’s Finest Cafes

July 23
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    Traveling can get tiring, and you find yourself reaching for the caffeine. It may be one of the easier options, but don’t settle for Starbucks… please. You can get that at home. Instead, pop into one of the local cafes to experience the local cafe culture, meet new people, enjoy a delicious cup of tea or coffee, while also supporting local businesses. While in Latvia, I was reaching the end of my Scandinavia and Baltics tour and the travel fatigue was kicking in. During my walking tour, I received suggestions from the tour guide for the best places to stop for a caffeine boost. Continue below to read my best coffee spots in Riga to visit in Latvia!

    Black Magic Cafe


    When I picture opening up a cafe of my own, this is the aesthetic I want to achieve. The cafe has an ancient library/pharmacist/old manor design to compliment its delicious coffee and chocolate. This was the first and the most hyped up cafe by my tour guide, and it did not disappoint. If you can only visit one cafe, this is the one I recommend!

    V. Kuze


    A cozy cafe located in the city center of Riga. There is plenty of seating available for you to meet up with friends or to work/study while enjoying a cup of tea and a pastry. The interior has a sort of art nouveau design which compliments the architecture of the city.

    Innocent Cafe


    An Italian-inspired cafe with a modern design. This cafe goes beyond the pastries and serves filling sandwiches and dishes, even offering vegetarian and gluten free options. Laptops are allowed here, supporting remote workers.

    Rocket Bean Coffee House


    When you picture a hipster cafe, it will most likely look like this cafe. Located on one of the more hipster and trendy streets, Rocket Bean Coffee House offers a variety of drinks to kick start your day such as microbrews, cold brews, drips, and flavored drinks.

    Bufete Gauja


    While visiting a former Soviet country, visit a Soviet-inspired cafe. The design is just like an old Soviet apartment down to the decorations, magazines, and board games. Take a sip back in time.



    A former bicycle workshop that has now become a vegetarian cafe. Sounds interesting, right? The former workshop has now been incorporated into the design with parts of bicycles. You don’t have to be a cyclist to come here, but you may meet some people who enjoy the hobby.

    Parunasim Kafe’teeka


    Voted one of the most Instagrammable spots and Trip Advisor’s top choices in Riga, is Parunasim Kafe’teeka! It;s a little nook not far from the Old Town and is one of the more romantic cafes. Come for the views, the pictures, and the delicious sweets and coffee.



    Where tourists and locals come together. This artsy cafe has funky patterns and artwork covering the walls, while serving unique teas and coffees indoors and outdoors.

    Mr. Fox


    What time is it Mr. Fox? It’s time to get a coffee! Stop into this brightly colored, modern-style cafe for coffee and tea. Bonus: they have vegetarian and gluten free options!

    Beze Konditoreja un Kulinarjia


    A Latvian classic cafe located across from the KGB Museum. It may be a smaller cafe, but it does serve amazing pastries!

    As your journey through Riga comes to an end, you’ve likely experienced the city’s vibrant coffee culture. From the warm ambiance of cozy cafes to the aromatic allure of trendy espresso bars, Riga offers a diverse range of coffee experiences. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply enjoy a good cup of joe, my guide to the best coffee spots in Riga has allowed you to savor the city one sip at a time. So, until your next visit, may your coffee always be freshly brewed and your moments in Riga filled with warmth and flavor.

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