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Best Places to Visit in the Czech Republic: Top 5

October 23
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best places to visit in the Czech Republic
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    A country that’s an architectural masterpiece and the country with the most castles in the world. Most tourists visit just for Prague, missing out on the many hidden gems within this central European country. The Czech Republic has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, medieval cities, local markets, and cultural experiences. Whether you’re looking for travel inspiration for your next destination, or in the process of planning an itinerary, consider visiting these top 5 best places to visit in the Czech Republic.

    Sedlec Ossuary

    Other than Prague, the Sedlec Ossuary is one of the main sites that draws visitors to Kutna Hora. This is a baroque chapel filled with over 40,000 medieval human bones from people who died during the Black Death and Hussite Wars. An artist placed the bones into sculptures and decorations around the chapel. While this is truly a beautiful site, remember that pictures are not allowed inside to respect the departed.

    Bohemian Switzerland National Park

    A large national park that spans from the Czech Republic and into Germany, so don’t forget to bring your passport. Within the park are rock labyrinths, the largest sandstone rock arch in Europe, ravines, and filming locations from the movie Narnia. Hike through the numerous trails or bring your rock climbing and bouldering equipment, and get ready to take in the amazing views.

    Hluboká Castle

    Only 150 meters south of Prague is one of the most stunning chateaus in the country. The original castle was built in the 13th century but there were renovations in the 1800s reflecting the Neo-Gothic appearance. Visit the beautiful English gardens, tour the castle, and the filming sites from the movie Underworld: Blood Wars.

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    Of course no visit to the Czech Republic wouldn’t be complete without visiting the capital, Prague. This city is truly an architectural masterpiece that is filled with a plethora of cafes, 100 museums, sculptures street art, and the famous 600-year old astronomical clock in the Old Town. With so many attractions for every type of traveler, you won’t be bored in Prague.

    Šumava National Park

    The home to the largest primeval forested area on the continent. This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that’s filled with glacial lakes, numerous mountains, raise peat bogs, and more. What you see here is what the forest has been since the forest formed, wild. Remember to leave no trace of your visit, meaning treat the nature with respect and to not damage, destroy or leave trash.

    The Czech Republic, a country renowned for its architectural marvels and historical richness, offers more than just the iconic Prague. From the eerie beauty of Sedlec Ossuary to the pristine landscapes of Bohemian Switzerland National Park, the Czech Republic is a treasure trove of experiences. Plan your journey with these best places to visit in the Czech Republic, and let the wonders unfold before you.

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