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Classic Scottish Food and Drinks to Try: Top 10 in Scotland

November 23
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Classic Scottish Food and Drinks to Try; what food to try in Scotland
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    Discover the diverse flavors of Scotland’s rich culinary heritage beyond the world-renowned Scottish whiskey and haggis. Scotland’s hearty and comforting dishes are perfect companions for its cold and stormy weather. Here are the top 10 must-try classic Scottish food and drinks to try during your visit, ensuring you experience the essence of Scottish cuisine.


    One of the quintessential Scottish dishes, haggis is a traditional sausage made from sheep intestines, seasoned with herbs, and encased in a sheep’s stomach. People often serve it with neeps and tatties or as part of a full Scottish breakfast. Give this iconic delicacy a try.

    Full Scottish Breakfast

    While the components of a full Scottish breakfast can vary slightly, this hearty dish typically includes fried eggs, haggis, baked beans, fried tomatoes, and a hash brown or potato pancake. Prepare to embark on your day’s adventures with a satisfying, traditional Scottish morning meal.


    A delightful Scottish dessert, Cranachan is typically enjoyed following the raspberry harvest in June, but you can find it year-round now. This creamy treat combines whipped cream, fresh raspberries, Scottish oats, and a touch of whiskey for an unforgettable flavor.

    Scottish Whiskey

    No visit to Scotland is complete without sampling its renowned whiskey. Known for its single malt varieties and distinct regional flavors, Scottish whiskey is a must-try for any visitor. Explore the different tastes that each region offers.

    Deep-Friend Mars Bars

    Don’t knock it until you try it. This delicious dessert was made in 1992 by John Davie in Stonehaven. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try this candy, this is the time! The delicious snack can be found at street vendors or fish and chip shops throughout the country.

    Captivating Scotland: Lush Green Hills under Overcast Skies - Travel Inspirations; Classic Scottish Food and Drinks to Try

    Cock-a-Leekie Soup

    Scotland’s national soup is akin to classic chicken noodle soup but with a Scottish twist.
    Peppery chicken stock, leeks, and occasionally prunes flavor this soup. It is sometimes thickened with rice or barley, providing a comforting and hearty taste.


    For those with a sweet tooth, tablet is a small and sugary delight crafted from sugar, condensed milk, and butter. This confection is then crystallized, yielding a fudge-like texture and can be flavored with vanilla or whiskey. It’s a sweet temptation available in nearly every shop in Scotland.

    Black Pudding

    A common addition to the full Scottish breakfast, black pudding consists of pork blood, pork fat, or beef suet, mixed with cereals such as oatmeal. Herbs season it, setting it apart from traditional blood sausages.

    Scottish Pie

    These double-crusted meat pies contain mutton or various other meats. Enjoy them hot or cold, and you can easily find them at restaurants or bakeries to take on the go.

    Cullen Skink

    Originating in the quaint town of Cullen, this creamy soup consists of smoked haddock, cream, potatoes, and onions. It’s served with a piece of bread for a satisfying meal. Today, Cullen Skink has become popular across Scotland and features on nearly every restaurant menu. Delight in a steaming bowl of this Scottish classic.

    In Scotland, the journey to discover its culinary treasures is a delightful adventure. Whether you’re indulging in the robust and comforting tastes of traditional dishes or sipping on a dram of fine Scotch, the Scottish culinary experience is both hearty and diverse. From iconic delights like haggis and a full Scottish breakfast to lesser-known gems like cranachan and tablet, Scotland’s food and drink offerings promise to tantalize your taste buds and leave you with lasting memories of your visit. So, take a culinary tour of Scotland and savor the essence of its rich gastronomic heritage with these classic Scottish food and drinks to try.

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