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Top 5 Places for Food & Drinks in Salem, Massachusetts

July 23
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Salem Food
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    As a huge coffee lover, I had to try a couple different cafes to find ones that passed the vibe check. My top three are included in this short article. Additionally, in between museums I found cute drink spots that are great to hang out in the evening after all the walking and tours. All locations in this piece were within $-$$ when I visited. Continue below to discover the top 5 places for food and drinks in Salem:

    Top 5 Places for Food and Drinks in Salem: Explore Culinary Delights in Massachusetts

    Gulu-Gulu Cafe

    One of Salem’s most famous spots, this cafe is known for its tasty coffee and sweet treats. During the warm months, the cafe allows dogs to sit with you outside and they will even bring them their own cups of water and sometimes a sweet treat.

    Red Line Cafe

    After attending school on Long Island, I had to try their version of a bacon egg and cheese bagel. The interior of this cafe was super comfy, with options to sit inside or outside.

    Wolf Next Door

    Located a little away from Salem’s center, this coffee was all the vibes I look for in a coffee shop and more. As a smaller coffee shop, their focus is more on food and drinks to go and enjoy outside. However, the interior’s aesthetics and merchandise worked with Salem’s edgy and spooky theme.

    Regiment Beer Company

    I actually accidentally went to this spot with my friends, while trying to find the cider house I share below. The staff is extremely friendly, offering a variety of beers for you to sample and enjoy.

    Far From the Tree

    Super friendly cider house with a different selection of ciders for your enjoyment. One of my favorite memories from my last trip to Salem was my friends not reading the sampling menu and ending up with a bright green cider that was jalapeño flavored. Let’s just say they’re not fans of spicy drinks… The staff is extremely friendly and this is one of the main hang-out spots for drinks. There is very limited parking here so be prepared.

    Jolie Tea Company

    An extremely cute and delicious surprise, I stumbled upon this tea place while walking back to main street. I cannot hype this place as much as it deserves. Anyone who likes or is interested in tea should visit. They have a large selection of flavors (50+) that they’ve created, some even Halloween and witch-inspired. Go to their smell-tasting bar and smell-test to discover new flavors of tea.

    Salem, Massachusetts, offers a culinary journey through history and flavor. From seafood feasts by the waterfront to cozy cafes serving up local delights, this town has something to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re a history buff or simply seeking a memorable dining experience, these top 5 places for food and drinks in Salem won’t disappoint. So, come, explore, and savor the rich flavors of this enchanting New England town.

    Planning a trip to Salem, MA? Read my complete travel guide to maximize your visit!


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