Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Sweden

top 5 best places to visit in Sweden

Planning a visit to Sweden but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you need some travel inspiration? Look no further! Here are my short, sweet, and to the point top 5 best places to visit in Sweden! Stockholm The country’s capital filled with vibrant buildings and vibrant life. Marvel at the architecture while walking…

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Top 10 Authentic Swedish Souvenirs to Buy in Sweden

Before ending your adventure in Sweden, be sure to stop in local shops to purchase souvenirs to commemorate your adventure! Instead of settling for the regular souvenir shops for the regular knick knacks made in China, consider purchasing an authentic Swedish gift from a local artisan or local business. If you’re unsure where to start…

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Top 5 Best Places in Stockholm for Swedish Meatballs

Did you even visit Sweden if you didn’t eat Swedish meatballs? My foodies… you’re in for a treat! Originally brought from Turkey in the 18th century by King Charles XII of Sweden, this classic dish is still served today in the traditional style of Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, pickled cucumbers, and lingonberry jam. After eating…

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