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Top 10 Authentic Swedish Souvenirs to Buy in Sweden

July 23
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    Before ending your adventure in Sweden, be sure to stop in local shops to purchase souvenirs to commemorate your adventure! Instead of settling for the regular souvenir shops for the regular knick knacks made in China, consider purchasing an authentic Swedish gift from a local artisan or local business. If you’re unsure where to start or where to look, continue on to my list of the top 10 authentic Swedish souvenirs from locals!

    Sámi Jewelry

    The Sámi are indigenous people of Sweden that have their own parliament and political system, while abiding by Sweden’s laws. The Sámi bracelets are usually made of the color of their flag, dark blue, bright red, green, or golden yellow, and are handmade out of braided silver or pewter thread, leather from Caribou, and Caribou antler.

    Dalecarlian Horse

    The worldwide-known red horse. The Dala Horse was originally carved from wood and painted in the Swedish country of Dalarna. Today, they are made from or painted on a variety of mediums in, approved, different colors. However, the red paint is the only traditional style.

    Wool Clothing

    When in Scandinavia… Sweden is known for its wool clothing, which was traditionally made to protect from the cold and icy weather. Many shops sell handmade wool socks, sweaters, blankets, etc. that have traditional weaving patterns for the perfect warm gift.

    Swedish Licorice and Chocolates

    A delicious gift for family, friends, or coworkers. Statistically, the Swedes consume the most candies per year. One of their all time favorites is their salty licorice, which is more delicious than it sounds! If licorice is not your cup of tea, select from the hundreds of hand decorated chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth.


    This is not your typical lambskin… On the island of Gotland, thousands come to visit and shop for the famous curly lambskin fur. These are perfect for throws or decorations, or if you’re looking for a unique wool souvenir. Be sure to check your country’s customs laws for bringing back pelts or lambskins before making your purchase.


    Different from Dutch clogs, the tops of Swedish clogs are made from leather, and then are sewn into a wooden sole. This style of clogs originates from Flasterbo, but can be purchased anywhere in Sweden. Stores also sell the traditional handmade clogs that are hand painted in traditional designs.

    Lingonberry Jam

    Take your tastebuds back to your time in Sweden, while being in your home! Perfect as a topper or side for your breakfasts and desserts, this Swedish jam is made from the fruits of Sweden’s forests. The jam is sold in glass or squeeze containers if you’re concerned about the glass breaking while traveling or taking up too much space.

    Carved Wooden Utensils

    A big part of Swedes’ culture and one of the most commonly bought souvenirs, the carved utensils are primarily made from Birch, Pine, and Spruce. There are artisans that make the utensils from Pearwood, but these are the most expensive types.


    Sámi traditional crafts made by techniques passed through generations. All items are marked with a symbol of authenticity. These handmade products range from smaller items such as cutlery, knives, and leather pouches to larger items such as storage boxes, and water bowls. No item is the same.


    The mythical gnome from Scandinavian folklore, which is also referred to as Nisse. Tomte is most popular during the winter and Christmas time, and comes in a variety of designs. Some are handmade, some are mass-produced. They are viewed as the family’s protectors, but can also be somewhat mischievous. If you’re visiting Sweden during the winter months, you will be able to purchase Tomte at the many Christmas markets.

    These 10 authentic Swedish souvenirs offer a tangible connection to Sweden’s rich culture and traditions. Whether it’s the exquisite craftsmanship of Swedish design or the flavors of local delicacies, these keepsakes allow you to take a piece of Sweden with you, preserving the memories of your Scandinavian adventure. Planning a trip to Sweden? Visit my complete travel guide!

    Planning a visit to Stockholm? Be sure to visit my Complete Travel Guide.
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