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Top 10 Authentic Finnish Souvenirs to Buy in Finland

July 23
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A collection of the Top 10 Authentic Finnish Souvenirs to Buy in Finland, showcasing the country's rich cultural heritage.
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    Don’t settle for the typical souvenir corner store. Instead, invest in a traditional, authentic, Finnish souvenir that will support a local business and/or a local artisan. By purchasing local, you’re helping persevere cultural handiwork traditions and will have a story with your purchase. Some of my favorite souvenirs have been from shopping at local markets where I got to speak with the owner/artist and really learn about their story. Continue below to read my list of my top 10 authentic Finnish souvenirs to buy in Finland.

    Sauna Bucket and Ladle

    With over 3 million saunas throughout the country, no one does saunas like the Finnish. The majority of these sauna buckets and ladles are made from birch wood and have no seams. Even if you don’t have a go-to sauna back home, a traditional Finnish sauna bucket and ladle make for great decoration and story.

    Moomin Products

    Moomin is a very popular comic series by Tove Jansson that has spread worldwide. Scenes and characters from the comic are printed on a variety of souvenirs such as mugs, shirts, poster art, etc. all of which are made right in Finland.


    The most well-known brand is Iittala, which has been in production since 1881. The glassware is designed by a variety of glass artists in Finland and range in cost. If you’re considering making a major purchase, consider traveling to the factory outlet at Pohjoisesplanadi 25 to save some money.


    Kantele is a traditional Finnish musical instrument that looks like a longer, open ukulele. The instrument is made of wood and either horse hair or metal strings. It is mostly used in traditional Finnish folk music, but also sounds lovely on its own.


    The Finnish adore their vodka and take particular pride in their uniquely flavored spirits like mint (Minttu) or black currant. The most popular brand is Finlandia, which sports eye-catching designs. Be sure to grab a few bottles for gifts… or for later 😉

    Lapp Hat

    The Sami in Northern Finland wear these colorful, high-topped hats, typically crafting them from materials such as wool, cotton, silk, leather, or fur. These hats showcase a braided design and embellish the back with streamers.

    Ryija Rug

    In Ryija rugs, artisans tie the wool knots further apart, making them larger and longer. This distinctive Finnish style often results in geometric shapes depicting birds, animals, or various patterns. You can use these rugs as wall decorations or as furniture spreads.


    A handmade drinking cup made from birch bark, or burl by the Sami people in the Laplands. Sometimes, artists decorate them with animal heads or geometric designs. Keep in mind that you can purchase non-handmade options from regular souvenir shops, but these items are typically constructed from ceramics or glass. Be sure to ask which are just for decoration or which are actually for drinking.

    Traditional Knitwear

    What is a visit to Scandinavia without purchasing a wool sweater? Wool clothing has been a popular wear for centuries due to Finland’s cold winters. Finnish wool clothing has its own traditional patterning and colors. Handmade sweaters and wool products will cost more than the mass-produced factory clothing, but tend to last longer and are better quality.


    A traditional Finnish hunting knife that can be ready to use, or just for decoration. Crafted from steel, the blade typically features handles made from bone, wood, or antlers, and artisans then adorn the scabbards with traditional Finnish designs. Be sure to check your local custom regulations about bringing back a knife to avoid any travel delays or confusion.

    Exploring the rich tapestry of Finnish culture and tradition through its authentic souvenirs is an enchanting journey in itself. Our exploration of the Top 10 Authentic Finnish Souvenirs to Buy in Finland has offered a glimpse into the treasures waiting to be discovered. From the intricate beauty of handcrafted jewelry to the timeless charm of textiles and ceramics, Finland’s souvenirs capture the essence of this remarkable country. As you embark on your Finnish adventure, remember that these souvenirs are not just objects; they are pieces of Finland’s history and soul. So, embrace the opportunity to take home a part of Finland and cherish these authentic mementos that will forever remind you of your unforgettable Finnish experience. Considering a visit to Finland? Read my complete travel guide!

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