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Top 10 Authentic Norwegian Souvenirs to Buy in Norway

July 23
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    While exploring the fjørds, the northern lights, and the beautiful natural scenes of Norway, you will most likely consider popping into a souvenir shop to purchase mementos to commemorate your visit. The most common stores you will see are the typical tourist shops containing items made from China. The items in these stores can be great souvenirs, especially if you like to collect knickknacks. However, consider treating yourself, your family, or friends to traditional Norwegian souvenirs that are made and sold in Norway! This article contains the top 10 authentic Norwegian souvenirs to purchase while visiting Norway.

    Whenever I visit another country or city, I always shop in the local stores and boutiques that sell handmade goods, most of which can’t be purchased anywhere but there. They may be a little more expensive than the touristy souvenirs, but they’re worth the investment and as I like to say… treat yourself because when will you be back here?

    Below are my top 10 recommendations:


    A popular and traditional hobby in Norway, Norwegians have been knitting patterned wool sweaters for centuries to protect themselves from the cold weather. Knitwear can be found at a range of prices depending on whether it was truly handmade in Norway or purchased from manufacturers in China.

    Norwegian Art

    Paintings are my go-to souvenir. Art galleries are found throughout Norway and will appear at pop-up markets during the warm months. In Bergen, a whole street in the city center is dedicated to art galleries displaying and selling their art.

    Bunad or Festdrakt

    Norwegian bunad is the traditional Norwegian wear/costume usually made from thick wool fleece that come in different designs depending on the region of Norway. The bunad has strict rules for production and design in order to maintain tradition. The bunad is a great traditional souvenir but it is one of the more expensive souvenirs to bring back. However, the festdrakt Is slightly cheaper, due to its more freedom with design and because it doesn’t have rules of production. There are very minimal design differences between the festdrakt and the bunad.

    Brown Cheese

    A love or hate product, it is basically caramelized cheese that tastes nothing like cheese. Check with your local custom authorities for the rules and regulations for bringing back dairy products before you purchase a block of it.


    Perfect for Christmas time, nisser (gnomes) are a traditional decoration and part of Norwegian Christmas. They often come in different styles and are often wearing hand-knitted clothing.

    Reindeer Pelts

    Reindeer pelts are often used to decorate cabins in northern Norway. Due to the delicate nature of the hair, the pelt is best displayed on a wall or bed. However, be sure to check your local customs rules and regulations regarding the treatment of the pelt before returning back. Pelts are often pre-treated in typical souvenir shops, but be sure to check because it’s better to be safe than sorry.


    A traditional patterning used to decorate plates, wooden chests, houses, and tine. This style of handmade decoration can be one of the more expensive gifts to purchase, but it is worth it due to the historical use of the pattern and the authenticity of the design.


    Dating from the 1800s, tine is a truly authentic gift that you will not be able to find elsewhere. These wooden painted boxes were used for storage and to transport cake and cheeses.

    Troll Figurines

    Coming in all different shapes, sizes, and designs, trolls have had an important role in Norwegian mythology. The legend is that when you’ve thought of a person to buy one for, the troll will wink.

    Viking-Inspired Gifts

    These items may not be truly authentic, but they’re inspired from the history and traditions of vikings in Norway. In shops, you can purchase replicas of viking jewelry in museums, viking drinking bowls, figures, etc. Try to avoid helmets with horns which are not historically accurate.

    When visiting Norway, don’t miss the opportunity to bring home a piece of its rich culture and heritage with the top 10 authentic Norwegian souvenirs. These cherished keepsakes will serve as lasting reminders of your Nordic adventure.

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