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Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Norway

July 23
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    Considering a trip to Norway but don’t know where to start?

    Whether you’re seeking a break from the hustling of life by immersing into the great outdoors, looking to experience a new culture, or exploring the latest social media trends, Norway is a large country with something to do for every traveler!

    I have compiled my list of the top 5, best places to visit in Norway!

    Cruise Through the UNESCO Fjørds

    Beautiful all year round, this was probably one of the most beautiful sights I’ve experienced in all of my travels. The fjørds can be viewed by car, a hiking trail, cruise, or ferry. I highly recommend the ferry, especially if you’re traveling around Norway, as you’re able to take a train directly to and from the port to your next destination. You’re also able to get a full 360 degrees view of the fjørds!

    Hike Trolltunga

    One of Norway’s most popular hikes, and recently trending on social media, end your hike at the Troll’s tongue which is perfect for capturing memorable photos of your visit to Norway. However, it is not a hike for beginners. This is a long full day hike, clocking in at 28 km (17.4 miles), so make sure to pack and prepare accordingly.

    See the Northern Lights at the Arctic Circle

    Not quite in the North pole, but very close, is Tromsø which is located in the middle of northern Norway. Here, you can accomplish many items on your travel bucket list in one visit: the northern lights, whale watching, and the midnight sun. To capture these beautiful experiences of nature, be sure to prepare and pack the appropriate camera equipment. Get ready to watch beautiful colors pain the night sky.

    Explore the Viking History of Norway in Oslo

    What’s a visit to Norway without exploring Viking culture? Norway has many museums dedicated to preserving and educating tourists about their Viking history. However, the largest exhibit is in the capital of Norway, Oslo, which was founded in 1048 at the end of the Viking Era. In addition to learning about Viking history, Oslo has many museums, festivals, galleries, etc for you to visit during your stay.

    Visit the Sights for Netflix’s “Trolls”

    Trolls have a long history in Norse mythology as living in different parts of nature, and as hostile towards humans. You can visit the natural scenes and sights used in the Netflix movie, all listed here. Even if you’re not interested in “Trolls,” these locations in Norway are great for capturing breath-taking photos.

    These top 5 best places to visit in Norway offer a breathtaking tapestry of natural wonders and cultural treasures. Embark on your Norwegian journey and immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes and rich heritage that await you at these remarkable destinations. Planning a visit in Norway? Be sure to check out my complete travel guide!

    Interested in traveling to Norway? Check out my complete Travel Guide to Bergen, Norway!
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