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Top 10 Traditional Polish Food to Try: Beyond Pierogi

July 23
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top 10 traditional Polish food
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    When you think of Poland, the first food that comes to mind is likely pierogi, a classic and one of my personal favorite Polish dishes. However, Polish cuisine offers much more than just pierogi! Situated in Eastern Europe, close to the Baltic States and Slavic countries, Poland has its own unique culinary delights, adding a special twist to traditional recipes. Explore my list of the top 10 traditional Polish food to truly experience the country’s gastronomic wonders.


    People make these crescent-shaped dumplings from thin dough and fill them with a variety of sweet or savory ingredients like potato, cheese, sauerkraut, mushrooms, or cherries. Whether you boil or fry them, people commonly serve them with fried onions and sour cream. Don’t miss out on my authentic Polish pierogi recipe!


    Don’t confuse them with dolomites! Golbaki, meaning “little pigeons,” are delightful cabbage rolls that people fill with cooked minced meat, onions, mushrooms, and rice. They often serve them as appetizers or starters at traditional events.

    Placki Ziemniaczane

    People make these tasty potato pancakes by mixing potatoes, onions, eggs, and flour, flattening and frying them to perfection. People commonly top them with sour cream or mushroom sauce.


    Once a dish that the nobility reserved, Zrazy is a flavorful beef roulade that people stuff with sauerkraut, mushrooms, and onions, then slow-cook for hours. People traditionally serve it with potatoes and red cabbage.

    Fasolka po Bretonsku

    This Polish version of baked beans combines Harico beans and meat in a thick stew, best enjoyed with warm bread.


    Polish chicken noodle soup, a comforting and popular dish, particularly during the cold months.


    A unique soup made from fermented rye flour, served with boiled eggs and bacon or kielbasa. It is often presented in a bread bowl, providing a delightful treat once you finish the soup.

    Kotlet Schabowy

    Dating back to the 19th century, this beloved Polish meal consists of a breaded pork cutlet, accompanied by potatoes and warm beets or carrots. It is a quintessential Polish dish.

    Ryz z Jablkami

    A delightful autumn rice pudding dessert baked with chopped apples, cinnamon, and sugar. It is served with a dollop of whipped cream and an extra sprinkle of sugar for added sweetness.


    Indulge in Poland’s famous sweet poppy seed roll, made by layering a sweet yeast bread thinly, filling it with a delectable poppy seed paste (sometimes with walnuts or chestnuts).

    Polish cuisine offers a delectable journey through flavors and traditions. From hearty pierogi to savory kielbasa, these top 10 traditional Polish food showcase the country’s culinary heritage. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply curious, don’t miss the opportunity to savor these delicious dishes and experience the taste of Poland.

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