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Where to Eat in Larnaca, Cyprus: Larnaca Dining Guide

July 23
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    Meze, meze, and more meze! This was one of my trips where I could not stop eating because of all the delicious foods! Larnaca was also the city where I found my all time favorite breakfast/brunch dish… the location is shared below. Larnaca is a predominantly Greek city, so the majority of my recommendations are Greek. However, there are a few Turkish or French-inspired restaurants around. Here are my top 10 favorite dining spots for where to eat in Larnaca:

    Valtou Rigani

    Mediterranean, Barbeque, Greek


    This was the first place I ate at in Larnaca that specializes in souvlaki and barbecued meats. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating and is very family friendly. My colleague and I enjoyed the food so much that we came back a second time before we left!

    Mingle Cafe

    Cafe, European, Fusion


    A fabulous place for brunch! This was where I found my favorite brunch plate ever called “Mingle Pancakes,” which had the perfect combination of sweet and savory. It’s one of the few dishes that I still think about even to this day. Mingle Cafe has a variety of unique dishes that you will not find in Cyprus except at their restaurant.

    Ithaki Garden

    Mediterranean, Barbeque, Greek


    A beautiful restaurant setting with a plethora of flora and fauna, with dishes at affordable prices. The dishes are relatively large, which is perfect if you’re looking to share and create your own meze. Be ready to eat!

    Paul's Coffee Roasters | Where to Eat in Larnaca | Cyprus

    Paul’s Coffee Roasters

    Coffee & Tea


    Located right in the center of downtown, this cafe is perfect for my digital nomads who need a place for remote work, or for people looking to grab a quick bite and coffee to go. This cafe opens relatively early in comparison to the other cafes in the area.

    Vavatsina Maria’s Taverna

    Mediterranean, Greek, Vegetarian Friendly


    This restaurant is located just outside of Larnaca in the Troödos mountains. This is where locals and tourists come to eat traditional Cypriot food! The food is reasonably priced and is served in large portions.

    Edem’s Yard

    Cafe, European, Vegetarian Friendly


    The popular local brunch spot with very aesthetic indoor design, and delicious french-inspired food. If you’re planning on eating here on Fridays or the weekend, make a reservation ahead of time! Otherwise you will be waiting 2-3 hours for a table.


    Bar, Cafe, International


    If you’re looking for some snacks and for night life, then Alchemies is your spot! This bar is across from a few other popular bars in the area and has unique cocktails served with fresh fruit.

    Where to Eat in Larnaca | Cyprus

    To Mpalkonaki

    Mediterranean, Greek


    One of the hot spots for live music on Fridays and Saturdays during the warm months! The food is delicious and the owners and staff make you feel right at home.

    To Kazani Traditional Tavern

    Mediterranean, Greek, Grill


    A great spot if you’re looking to enjoy traditional Greek meze! This restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating and is family friendly.

    Alonia Tavern Livadia

    Mediterranean, European, Greek


    Feels just like dining in a Cypriot household. This restaurant is known for serving vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free dishes, so there is something to eat for everyone.

    When it comes to dining options in Larnaca, Cyprus, the choices are abundant and diverse. Whether you seek traditional Cypriot flavors or international cuisine, this culinary guide will help you navigate where to eat in Larnaca, ensuring a delightful gastronomic experience throughout your visit. In addition to where to eat in Larnaca, be sure to not miss authentic Cypriot foods!

    Interested in traveling to Larnaca? Check out my complete Travel Guide to Larnaca, Cyprus!

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